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Why AI needs us: The non-engineers

There are many people like me. People that are interested in technology, but simply do not know how to code. It is tough to break into this industry. You have to discover what value you can bring to the table for tech companies. We are often short sighted and think that we have to be engineers... But nothing is less true.

For years, companies have been told to become technology companies. Go digital or die. And therefore they started hiring engineers and pivot into more tech driven value propositions. But even if every company needs to be a tech company, then that still does not mean that everybody should be an engineer. There are other roles essential in becoming a successful tech company. 

That is even more the case with artificial intelligence. This new field creates opportunities for non-engineers and the still new workforce is going to be crucial to making the technology successful. We need non-engineers to unlock the full potential of AI.

AI touches everything and everyone

It sounds contradictory but here is the thing: 

AI touches everyone and everything. It is too important to be left in the hands of engineers. Their structured brain can build the most intelligent system, but that system needs to interact with humans.

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We need to think about how we want AI to interact with humans, how we establish trust between the two, what kind of ethical framework we need to develop to create trustworthy and long lasting relationships between people and AI.

That is why we need non-engineers to get much more involved with AI. We need creative (UX) writers, philosophers, anthropologists, actors, historians and all kinds of people humanities to ensure that we create a sustainable digital future that is AI driven.

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So this new field – and particularly conversational AI – is creating an amazing opportunity to train a new workforce. To get non-engineers excited about AI. To help them understand it and to help them develop capabilities.

Let’s do this together

So, we are on a mission: to recognise, develop and promote the role of the Conversation Designer. To develop a curriculum that is going to help non-engineers design good conversations between humans and AI. 

I personally searched for many years. As a writer, I tried my hand at coding and writing software… It did not work. However, now it is clear the world has plenty of engineers. What it really needs now, is people like you and I that can help humans interact with technology in a more trustworthy and empathic way. If you think you can do just that, then you are definitely suitable to enroll in our Conversational Design Institute online course. 

You can also join us on this mission and stay up-to-date by liking our Facebook page or following our Instagram account. Contribute your research – we love to share it – and spread the word about this new job. Finally, if you are interested and eager to learn more, we suggest you read about the skills conversation designers need to have.